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Custom Ranch House

 Leander, Texas

This beautiful Ranch House was meticulously designed by the home owner and specially built for him.  This compound features a 7800 SQ FT main house, a 3500 SQ FT metal work building sitting on 60 acres of beautiful hill country land.  

Fully automated home, automatic sliding patio doors, 15 foot foudation, double lock metal roofing resists 150 mile winds. 


P1040853 (Small)
P1040336 (Small)
P1040753 (Small)
P1040853 (Small)
P1040551 (Small)
P1040753 (Small)
P1040557 (Small)
P1040657 (Small)
P1040835 (Small)
P1040336 (Small)
P1040623 (Small)
P1040813 (Small)
P1040610 (Small)
P1040823 (Small)
P1040579 (Small)
P1040643 (Small)
P1040585 (Small)
P1040831 (Small)
P1040591 (Small)
P1040819 (Small)
P1040794 (Small)
P1040575 (Small)
P1040647 (Small)
P1040749 (Small)
P1040840 (Small)
P1040703 (Small)
P1040614 (Small)
P1040678 (Small)
P1040720 (Small)
P1040758 (Small)
P1040868 (Small)
P1040618 (Small)
P1040862 (Small)
P1040714 (Small)
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